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  1. Updates are petty consistent and I love a creative sandbox game. First person games make me nauseous from the constant motion. There's always something more to build.
  2. Every other time I try to go to the caves and every other morning on auto save, the game crashes. Can't play split screen ever. Crashes then too.
  3. Wanda -Teleporting because im lazy, she can get out of danger quickly (eg. I'm in trouble in the caves) -shes strong, and couple that with dark armour, she's really great at clearing the ruins -I don't have to make a bunch of healing food all the time. I usually only eat honey. -but mostly the teleporting.
  4. Is there a way to remove docks yet? Pitchfork and hammer don't seem to work
  5. Super chill. At 2000 days and have barely done anything but build. Bee queen only once. Dragonfly only once. Fuelweaver only twice (cheese). I like the base building
  6. Or, and hear me out, we let people enjoy the game. If you don't like meatballs, don't make them. Let people eat them if they like them. And by "let" I add "without complaing about it".
  7. I use scaled chests for my backtrek watches. I put 6 watches in and below each, I put an item that reminds me where it goes. I mostly use the drops from each boss or their Xmas decoration. Eg. Scale for my watch to dragonfly, bee queen Xmas decoration for my watch to her. Etc. I've got enough for 3 chests so far
  8.'t_Starve_Together_Commands Delete Item Under Mouse ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() c_select():Remove() After pressing enter, it deletes the item under your mouse. Use the second command on dedicated servers, the first command will not work.
  9. Any news on when this is being implemented?
  10. I can see the sparkle animation on the giant waxed crops but none are showing when on the ground. Visible when picked up but not when on ground. Also my game is crashing on split screen. ETA: onions and corn not visible either, but tomaroot is
  11. When writing on a sign, it shows extra non letter characters (?!$) and it makes it hard to read what is actually written on it.