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  1. Hey Eric, thanks for the quick reply! I had a bit more trouble with it, but did manage it after a bit of fiddling around. You're right, unsubscribing from the Mods on Steam didn't delete them from the game folder so got rid of them all. No Luck. Tried a fresh re-install, and that still didn't work either. But looking at the player log again, I saw that it generated a '[Warning] you're using ModLoader.DLL which isn't recommended.' Located the file in the SteamApps folder (surprised that it survived a re-install) and deleted it. Now the game loads fine. Cheers!
  2. I found another thread that mentions the 'Player log' is useful in diagnosis, so it's attached here. I do note that it seems to be trying to load a bunch of mods though... I've unsubscribed to everything via the Steam interface so kinda surprised this is happening. Perhaps there is something in that?Player.log
  3. I'm getting a crash to desktop on the the Klei logo screen during startup. I've run the game fine previously, and have been holding out on getting the DLC until its a little more feature rich. Decided to take the plunge today with the latest update, and installed Spaced Out, but I'm unable to launch the game. I've tried disabling all my mods, restarting my PC & steam, and the '--force-opengl' fix suggested in the patch notes (Not that I'm sure it's relevant!) but no luck. Also tried rolling back my game to play without the DLC enabled, and that does start up fine, but re-enabling the DLC gets me that same crash. FYI, not entirely sure whether I'm on the Live or Preview branch, but it's whatever the default one is. Running Windows 10 with an Intel I5 & Radeon RX580 if that's relevant. Let me know if there are any other technical specs that would be useful to know. Any suggestions on resolving this? Cheers! And thank you for the great game so far!