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  1. I like the Pink area and Entrance Garden !! @Rhovious Aran
  2. For me The Architect Pack works without any glitches or stutter. Don't know if its because I have GForce 2080 Graphics card. Chaotica: T.A.P can change general colour scheme of seasons. You can have it resemble shipwreck or hamlet or classic. I was really happy to find this mod made by famous Twitch streamer because in DST you can't do much except express yourself through Base Building. Take it as a form of art or design skills and have fun with it!
  3. My general idea was “wilderness that feels like home” DST shop skins, twitch reward skins and The Architect Pack mod.
  4. The Architect Pack has furniture and sprinkler. It’s a massive mod with every single item available to craft from classic DS to Hamlet. Plus hidden blue prints for more stuff to craft like Snowman for example in winter. However this mod doesn’t have skins. Every skin you see (bee house, pigs house, coockpot and so on is DST shop or twitch stream reward skins.
  5. I am always looking for inspiration, for things to build, new ideas. This is why i thought to share pictures of my base to inspire others. My general idea for the look was "Wilderness that feels like Home", love nature. I have used The Architect Pack Mode as well as Path Light amongst others. Beefalo Home, Park and Hound Trap are still in progress. All of this is nearby my base. Future projects: Desert base for Summer, Cave base, Swamp Base. Thank you all for your own pictures and spread of ideas. Cheers Invogue