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  1. Every time I open the game I'm greeted with a message saying "All mods disabled, the game did not start correctly last time, this was most likely caused by a mod" and turns all of my client side mods off. I try to start my server I get into the loading part but as soon as it's about to connect me the game simply crashes with and without client mods. I also tried to find if any server mods caused this but with no success. The game ran and worked perfectly yesterday but there was a small update this morning and I've been having this problem since then. Not sure what to do. :/
  2. Both of us are perfectionists and want to make it look good tho
  3. A friend and I are at day 900 in our server and slolwy realising that our world gen is not the best. We want to expand but are very limited due to the ocean being so close! Any way to change water tiles into land?