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  1. After some digging. I found some people that have similar theories to the OP @CameoAppearance We know the disappearances took place over a long timespan, since Wigfrid was taken from 1906 or early 1907, but Wilson was the last one before Charlie took over and he came from 1921. There were probably at least two clusters of disappearances; Wigfrid and an unknown set of others within a year of the earthquake (probably not including Maxwell and Charlie themselves because they'd be assumed to have died in the quake), and the 1919-1921ish group containing Wagstaff, Winona, Wilson, probably Woodie since he had a Voxola radio in his cabin, probably Warly because he had a radio too, possibly Wickerbottom since she was on Winona's conspiracy moodboard, and Walter. @Rinkusan Honestly, I think the only reason why he doesn't show up on the link-analysis board is because Wilson at this point hasn't entered the Constant. Wilson is dragged in by Maxwell in 1921. The factory fire happens in 1919, which is pretty late in the timeline; Woodie, Wicker, and for sure Wendy were likely sucked into the Constant before Winona, which is why Winona was able to reference their disappearances (and by proxy them) on the board. @Zeklo post