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  1. I have the aporkalypse calendar, shop music, end's well, angry ghosts' moaning, AND music box shadow hands all overlapping any time I'm indoors in my main Hamlet save file. I've taken to just turning the sound FX off in the settings menu, otherwise my IRL sanity would drop to zero.
  2. I had a similar issue. I, luckily, didn't get stuck inside the throne, but I almost did. I also didn't have pigs 'cause I was playing as Webber, but I had to abandon the bundling wrap blueprint entirely because of this. Definitely made me upset, but at least the royal crown fell outside of the throne, so I was able to unlock Wilba. Still left a sour taste in my mouth. I certainly feel your pain, here!
  3. This issue has been bothering me as well. I brought my key to the city to a RoG world and the shop music bug is still present in there. Thankfully, going to the other world seems to have stopped the aporkalypse calendar sounds, but I've yet to build a skyworthy to get back to the Hamlet and see if it'll come back once I'm over there. HOWEVER, on my most recent file, I found the End's Well before the calendar and that thing's ambient sounds are also repeating on an infinite loop, just like the calendar... Not as loudly, so not as noticeable, but they're still there. Also the buzzing flies audio bug has been present since before Hamlet was added to Switch and sometimes the buzzing flies sound would remain on the manure even while it was in your inventory. I once put some manure in Chester and it started playing the buzzing flies audio, so I took it out and lugged it around in my inventory for a while before moving it to my backpack... Guess what it started doing? Playing the buzzing flies audio! It was quite frustrating, as that sound gets very annoying very fast. There have been more audio bugs before Hamlet was added as well. A notable one was when this one random area in an RoG world started playing angry ghost audio, even though there were no ghosts present anywhere in the world at the time. I've taken to turning all sound FX off because I just can't stand it anymore. I'm begging that this please be fixed!