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  1. Spamming attack is the only way to attack like normal, and that's a pain.
  2. I would love for the clean sweeper to work on flowers IE it cycles through all the different types of good flowers if it's good, or evil flowers if it's evil, but it doesn't change them from good to evil. I just want to set up a nice rose garden so random people who play in my world know not to pick my butterfly/bee farm.
  3. While boating, winona's catapults don't attack cookie cutters that are actively eating away at her boat. Even if she has engaged in battle, they wont fire attack cookie cutters that are eating at the boat. The catapults are completely passive to all cookie cutters until she swings at them. If they get to her boat, the catapults will stop attacking them. Personally I think the catapults should be aggressive towards cookie cutters at all situations. At the least they should be aggressive towards cookie cutters that are drilling holes in the boat.