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  1. I just dont like that they stand still without any animation when tamed
  2. It would be cool to have an endgame item/structure like the shadow throne that let you sit in it and changed you to the b-side variant.
  3. -Giving us a way to get rid of ponds - Make koelephant tameable perhaps? - Adding different drops to Crab king depending on its gems and better drops for malbatross - let us put names on our bundles so we know which one has what - Maybe too op or not, but make wormwood be the opposite of wx in rain, make him heal about the same amount of hp wx loses when its raining, maybe lower, but another way of healing for wormwood would be appreciated, and it would make sense since hes a plant.
  4. I think that a toggle option for double clicking to teleport with the lazy explorer would be better than a combination of keybinds or a different one
  5. I will list a few of QoL changes that i wish happened, i would like to be able to "tame" maxwell's shadows just the way you can with abigail so that you can stop them from mining/chopping/fighting, you could do this by right clicking the codex umbra, same way as with abigail, this would greatly help if you dont want aggro on you from mobs like spiders or your decorations in your base being ruined. I would also like skins for the shadows because why not, im sure klei can make some cool skins for the shadows, or at the least make them mimic maxwell's current appereance, i would also like if they mimicked all the emotes instead of just the dancing ones. I feel like this could be done in an upcoming update just like they changed wickerbottom's books, instead of it being done for maxwell's refreshment if that ever happens any time soon or ever. If you have more QoL changes in mind, i would like to hear them out!
  6. Dang thats kinda lame, but its an event nonetheless. I really wish we could get chests again as drops like when gorge and forge were live
  7. I have a question, is the summer event going to be something like gorge and forge?