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  1. After the update my world with 648 days won’t start, it says “Error CE-34878-0” after the crash. I was playing minutes before and it worked before the update. The same problem occurred right after I made a new world, it crashed within 5 minutes of playing
  2. If I play on endless, does that mean that resources such as, anemenemys, stone bushes and kelp will regrow in the lunar island, also, would this also make normal bushes regrow?
  3. Can you give Pearl any warm-clothing items and any umbrella-umbrella like item for when it is raining/snowing? I wanted to give my Pearl a hibernation vest and eyebrella, only the best for the best, “Am I right, Pearl?”
  4. WX-78 New Refresh: Physic Powers!! FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Thanks!! You always seem to be answering my questions, thanks for always taking your time!! You seem really wise relating to this game.
  6. Can you use the new farming system underground? And if soo, does seasons affect plants down there?
  7. Are bees renewable. And if so, would they respawn only by normal bee hives or are beehouses affected it too?
  8. Off topic, bees produce honey by vomiting onto each other’s mouth, how does bees in dst produce honey when a nest only has a single bee?
  9. *Vietnamese Flashbacks Ensues” I just fought Toadstool.... on console, it’s to early for reminders ;-;
  10. I have to admit that Mike’s posts are currently my main source of gossip, I’m just sipping tea and eating scones (Not trying to be rude, I find some of your posts interesting, but they are having the opposite effect you desire). From my understanding, you believe players should not care over other people’s game style as they will most likely ignore it and act the way they want and your evidence is that players who do care are overly rude, insult others, I have to admit that is hypocritical, as in your second post you ramble about how many settings are against Don’t Starves’s vibes, and I agree, playing without some of the difficulty takes off many of the aspects that makes Don’t Starve what it is, but even so, you state that players who remove certain features of the game are playing it wrong, and isn’t that what play styles are? Another point I believe you are wrong about is that players who come to Forums, or at least General are not looking for information, I’ve been to the forums for a week, and in that time I’ve been an annoying person, asking every question I could think of, to not only gather information but to also see people’s take on what they would do. Your posts, while having some interesting things in it, are mainly complaints and rambles, and even more you are doing it at unassociated threads, why would a thread that says “Questions that don’t deserve their own thread” exist if not to ask questions players couldn’t find on the wiki? ArubaroBeefalo goes over a great example over the 2 Wendy’s viability, the opinions are not wrong, but the way it was inserted is, the player who asked the question did not want comments going over how Wendy will not be able to fight X boss, but that if compatible, what aspects of the game would be greatly improved or affected by it. I’m sorry if I mistook or read certain points of your post wrong, this is what I believe I understood of it as well as what I think about it. I’m not trying to create a argument, as I believe you do have some things that are somewhat right in my perspective.
  11. Does all lunar islands have three celestial fissures in a triangular manner? Is it considered a certain set piece?
  12. Second Question, Toadstool can move items, however I’ve seen many playthroughs in where they use feathers, are feathers unaffected by his hit box?
  13. Not gonna lie, I completely forgot squids existed. Question: Can you instantly move a Volt Goat spawn location if you teleport the Volt Goat using the telelocator staff?
  14. While I was playing today, I went onto the new caves biome, and while mining the shards, this shard with this specific look was named as “MISSING NAME” I’m not sure this is a bug, or the name hasn’t yet been implemented.