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  1. After the update my world with 648 days won’t start, it says “Error CE-34878-0” after the crash. I was playing minutes before and it worked before the update. The same problem occurred right after I made a new world, it crashed within 5 minutes of playing
  2. The beefalo is in heat, which means they are ready and prepared to reproduce, with most big animal, it requires a fight upon the taming process it only makes sense that if you wear a beefalo hat, of which makes you seem like a beefalo, that your beefalo will try to mate with you :D XD
  3. Ability for console players to use seeds, it’s kinda boring seeing many many posts talking about how they found X world, and then they give the seed, which is of no value to us. It would also help with the amount of world-hopping others have to do to find a desirable map, when you could just look for a simple map seed instead.
  4. If I play on endless, does that mean that resources such as, anemenemys, stone bushes and kelp will regrow in the lunar island, also, would this also make normal bushes regrow?
  5. Can you give Pearl any warm-clothing items and any umbrella-umbrella like item for when it is raining/snowing? I wanted to give my Pearl a hibernation vest and eyebrella, only the best for the best, “Am I right, Pearl?”
  6. WX-78 New Refresh: Physic Powers!! FullSizeRender.mov
  7. By not being a English Native Speaker I mispronounce everything.. Boards are planks, rocky biome are rocky bottoms, prestitaffytator for prestihatitator (Both are wrong), Beefalo are Bullfalo... Bunnyman are bunnyham....... Wigedtfrig.... I can just continue to be honest.
  8. Thanks!! You always seem to be answering my questions, thanks for always taking your time!! You seem really wise relating to this game.
  9. Can you use the new farming system underground? And if soo, does seasons affect plants down there?
  10. You see this is what I also really want!! I hope in doing this bestiary, it will help ease the feeling of it not existing. Thanks Cactus!!
  11. Are bees renewable. And if so, would they respawn only by normal bee hives or are beehouses affected it too?
  12. I do think descriptions could be inserted, probably during the introduction in the background paragraph, or a separate one such as Description. I think the word is either conditions or environmental conditions, circumstances. Would this look good? Description: Appearing as a yellow & black striped fuzz ball, bees are a small insect having two wings, stinger and four limbs. ?
  13. I like the idea, and I will see if I can implement it in the bestiary, I’m still trying to organize it but the counter idea sounds interesting, thanks!
  14. I get what you’re saying, and I was going to try to go in that direction, like, “There are rumors that...” “It is believed if...” “Legends say...” I would try to implement it into the background. Thanks again. Prob going to spend more time on this bestiary then my essays soooo, I have lots of time........
  15. I love your feedback!! I also believed alignment was kinda of misplaced, behavior sounds much better so once I update it, that will be changed. I’m certainly going to more lore theories since I think it would make the bestiary more closer to the community. The loot drops would also provide to be useful. Your opinions really helps me out, as I’ve been greatly looking for new things/sections to add to the mobs. Thank you very much! (I hope I don’t look too weird by using exclamation points....)