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  1. I did find this, but it just essentially says your best option is to use windows or find a windows user to compile for you :/ There must be a way to make an auto-compiler for mac.
  2. Hello there! I am a MacOS user with no access to a windows machine; the guide that users such as myself were directed to when wanting to create a DST custom character is this. It is fairly easy to follow, but when you come into an issue theres next to no support available and virtually nothing i can find when scraping around the archives here. The largest issue there is is Compiling the mod, and having the image files actually be handled by the game; have the sprite not an invisible thing and have the bigportrait, images, and so n so be visible. As of present, below is the best i've gotten the image files to be handled, with the sprite itself not showing up at all- however the code for the custom perks works, thankfully. Im wondering if theres any other mac users out there who've had the same issues with compiling, and if so, if theres any methods to fix it? Thank you in advance, Ai. [The "best" i was referring to; the portrait is cut in half and the title is cropped, but it doesn't crash at least.]