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  1. could you add gestalts / greater gestalts by any chance to the RoT Playable Pets?
  2. I have multiple Why does Wes exist Why did RoT end so early Where is base Why are bee boxes so good (they're literally OP unless winter) Why??? What?
  3. OP GREAT FOR SWITCHING TO WARLY TO GET JELLY AND SWITCH TO WOLF FOR FIGHTS AND THEN SWITCH BACK TO WENDY Price tag: purple gems which I barely have any, and moon rock which is sadly not plentiful cuz the public takes it from the mosaic
  5. This happened to The Beard 777 on his adventure mode series, it's funny how Klei put palm trees and not evergreens
  6. Antlion is an okay boss.. the only thing I hate is wasting 2 - 4 days fishing for the desert goggles, so I stopped using them, if I'm in a lazy mood, I afk her with Abby since she doesn't take damage from the spikes (op! Klei needs to nerf that) the only things I have to waste time getting are the mourning glories and stingers for Nightshade, and materials for Bush Hat
  7. Nope, it doesn't. But I know it does keep the map updated (great for klaus hunting btw)
  8. Compass is only good for multiplayer play, not solo play, you could easily locate each other on the map if the both of you are holding a compass, super useful for Lunar Island
  9. It would at least be nice if you could raise his were-meter in some way Goose - Walking on water Moose - Fighting Beaver - Chopping trees and digging things (I made a rhyme how cool is that (actually not cool at all it doesn't even rhyme))
  10. How are human characters even unique? It makes sense for humans to be in a survival game If Klei loved him enough he would already be in Shipwrecked