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  1. Basically the title says it all, will we ever get one? Inventory management is horrendous on the controller, targeting is bad but still manageable.
  2. I have problems with targeting in the game, tentipillars is one of the biggest, when the smaller tentacles spawn i can’t hit the tentipillar, and when when around walls and there are mobs it’s difficult to target mobs but not impossible, inventory management is also a hassle, when in the caves and the lantern needs refueling, i need to stand for three seconds to do so. so there are two ways to fix these problems: 1-mnk compatibility 2-remapping of the controller i believe option number one being the best, thanks for the amazing work, such an awesome game.
  3. There are many problems that are frustrating with a controller on the console ports, like the tentipillars cannot be targeted at all when the small tentacles pop up, being really difficult to target anything around walls, and inventory management is really difficult especially in caves because of the need to refuel lanterns so when i’m getting chased i have to stand for 3 seconds to fill it up. so i suggest to fix with two ways: 1- Mouse and keyboard compatibility. 2-remapping the controller. i believe option number one being the best, and thanks for reading this, i love your work guys and the game is awesome!!!