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  1. Welp, I put the pencil to the screen and my hand drew out this: Could be Wigfrid as a child or something. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew it. Ooh, also, another random drawing of Double-D:
  2. At one point in my DST gameplay, I cooked a blue mushroom while knowing the consequences of doing so... the... practical AND social consequences...
  3. Wortox and everyone else: "Listen carefully now; do NOT eat those gears!" Oh wait, lemme add one more I just thought of rn: (also pretend it says "caused" instead of "cause")
  4. Also, I recently discovered that the kids' cartoon "Ed, Edd, & Eddy" exists. This, for once, isn't DST-related artwork, but these are a few sketches I've drawn (sketch style heavily inspired by one of the show's storyboard artists on Deviantart, Raveneesimo, go check her out! She's worked on a bunch of franchises long after EEnE and is very talented): Yes, Double D turns out to be my favorite character. Expect to see more of him here. Also also yes, I did mostly go off an ss from the show itself for the first sketch.
  5. There's a funnier way to put this, but this is literally how I feel every time I watch one of Klei's DST update animations:
  6. I wanted to draw something involving the Terraria x DST crossover. It may be a bit late, but here it is!
  7. Here's an idea. Meme Prompt: *someone brings Ritz crackers to the group* "Hey guys, I know these are super unhealthy, but it's worth the Ritz." Present memes describing how the various characters would react to such a statement.
  8. Recently been thinking about the song "Youth" by Daughter, and just felt compelled to draw an ambivalent Charlie dealing with her inner conflicts.
  9. Ayo @SkyistheGround, shall we reminisce on the day we wrote a very special song for a certain special someone? *sung in the tune of the Starvers' Carol*
  10. Ok, I dunno if anyone else has really considered this before, but seeing the picture of the Gnaw here reminds me of a thought that I had... Forge (revolves around Health) Gorge (revolves around Hunger) Soo... what about Sanity? Maybe a third event someday revolving around Sanity? But what would it be called...? Maybe "Sorge"? Since that word means "a feeling bordering on anxiety," it could be interpreted as a psychologically related thing, which in turn involves Sanity, idk
  11. Hehe, this one's actually based on a match that occurred. My friend solo'ed Swine after everyone else on the team died. It was quite impressive, to say the least! Mind giving some to those Torgeists in the Hallowed Forge too? Also some lighting experiment (the candle staff from HF):
  12. Hello hello, I have returned with a few sketches I've drawn. Most of these are really just from the Forge and inside jokes between me and my friends, haha. ~~~ This one features @SkyistheGround ^v^ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
  13. Haha, I’m not much of a shipper myself, actually. However, I do think Wendy and Webber would make good friends, of course. Also, uh, haha, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve gotten busy with school, and I also started on a little project (which I shall post here when I’m done). Thus I haven’t had a lot of extra time to work on other art pieces to share. I should be able to finish said project by the end of this year... hopefully...