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  1. I like how Wortox's quotes tend to rhyme with one another. I also love this and how it references English's lack of a rhyme for "orange." But you know... wouldn't "lozenge" rhyme with orange (if anything, it's a near rhyme)?
  2. WAIT, someone else mentioned something like this earlier in this thread, where the characters have comments and others have responses to those comments through their examinations of the same object. They mentioned one involving Webber and Wendy specifically. Found 'em. Anyway, now I'm determined to find more quotes like this, where other characters have responses to them.
  3. I am now convinced that Wormwood makes up the best names to describe objects.
  4. So, my friend is a Webber main, and I, as Winona, was helping her aggro spiders for monster meat. And while we were attacking the spiders... :) My friend noticed and left me alone with the 4 spiders, including those jumping ones... She returned like 2 seconds later to help me finish them off though :,D
  5. I like most of the characters, because they're all pretty unique in their own ways. However, if I were to say which ones I liked less, it'd be Wurt and Wendy. With Wurt, I just don't know much about her, except that she's a vegetarian, hates pigs, and loves candy.... I don't know, as far as I've heard or seen, it doesn't seem like there is much to her character thus far. With Wendy, as other people have mentioned already, it seems that the definition of her character is just "my sister died, and I'm sad and edgy." Then again, I also haven't looked too deep into her character yet, besides the fact that she seems to have developed a friendship with Webber of some sort and that she references Shakespeare a lot. Although, one of my friend's main is Wendy, and her playstyle looks pretty fun. So, I guess whether I like a character or not is just based on how much I know about them and if there seems to be a lot to their character or not?
  6. I agree in that I don't really want new characters added. And by new, I mean a character we have never seen before. I feel like adding new characters would make not only the story behind the Don't Starve franchise more convoluted, but I feel like it would also take attention away from the characters we already have. Plus, that would pile more work on Klei's end too (more characters to animate backstories for, unless the devs already have the full plotline pretty much solid and somehow there are still more important characters that we haven't seen yet). However, I would honestly be fine with Klei adding one of the DS characters, hoping it'll be Wagstaff if so. As a person who enjoys learning about the plotline of DST, I'm crossing my fingers that Klei's work this year will bring to light things in relation to the story that have been in the dark for a while.
  7. On the fandom wiki, you'd find those quotes under "Encumbered (carrying heavy object)." Speaking of finding quotes on the wiki, I think it might be a little outdated, because I can't seem to find the quotes for when the characters talk to the plants, a feature added in the Reap What You Sow update, yes? Oh, also, there doesn't seem to be any mention of the Garden Rigamajig either, just farms. I started playing DST sometime after that update, so I have never seen any farms in the game myself.
  8. So, I, as a newer player (I only have been playing DST for a few months now), main Winona, and I just have to say that I love her in-game quotes. Whenever I play, I literally go out of my way in some of my worlds just to examine something to see what her comment on it will be. I just highly appreciate how her character shines through her words (and another plus is the fact that some hint at possible lore, which I'm assuming most people know already). Recently, I have begun to explore some more characters as well (Wilson and WX-78), and I find Wilson's quotes (though quite a bit of it is simply saying what the item does, from what I've seen) to be adorable, and WX-78's quips are just downright hilarious to me. I'm planning on trying out Walter and Wigfrid soon, too. I'm just going to share a few quotes that I can remember off the top of my head, and I encourage you guys to do the same! I don't think I have explored enough of this community to know exactly how much people have really stopped to appreciate the writing the developers have not only put into the characters' stories, but the writing simply put into developing their personalities too. Winona: any of the pun quotes (boulder) "Mhm, yep. That's a rock." (some tree, can't remember which one) "Yep. Definitely a tree." (red cap) "Let Max try it first." (hot dragon chili salad) "Can't believe Warly's got me eatin' salads." (carrying a marble sculpture... sometimes) "Like eggs in coffee!" Wilson: any of the pun quotes (redbird in inventory) "He likes my pocket." (closed eyebone, meaning Chester's dead) "It went to sleep." (Woby) "It's a scientific fact that petting a good dog will improve your day. (evergreen) "It's all piney." (rose) "To match my rosy cheeks." WX-78 (talking to the plants) "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU." "THIS IS ME NOT TALKING TO YOU." (I think a feather...?) "WHY IS THE FEATHER SO APPEALING? EXPLAIN NOW, FLESHLINGS." (science machine) "MOTHER?" (burnt crockpot) "POT MALFUNCTIONING." (something burning, can't remember what) "IT'S BURNING. OH WELL." (rabbit earmuffs) "I WILL UTILIZE THEIR FURRINESS." All in all, appreciation for the characters' quotes (Wes may not have quotes, but he still has his pantomimes! ^v^)
  9. Ban @ZeeDragon for assuming that I'm giving up rather than simply corroborating an opinion.
  10. Ban @ImDaMisterL because the digits in the number representing their total reputation adds up to 17.