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  1. gfn is down for weeks It is return! Sadly,only original is playable Spaces out still out of order beta also not working and uninstall DLC make original can't start up Fine after an reset
  2. Checked Both Crash at load data or new game Another new things is the resume bottom appeared but doesn't working This issue seen like gfn only
  3. 1. When DLC came out Gfn can play DLC without buying it 2. Sometime shutting down gfn (like 1h limit) Cause save disappeared only way to back it up is use laptops and open ONI again to download it And there is 2 time with 300 c sadly 3. And now before the radiation branch The game crash at load and new game Even it I turn off DLC, gfn refuse to startup And the test branch is not working too. gfn won`t let me get the log files so I take one of my laptop to cover it
  4. Old Goal still there(dupe,statue, living) And a new one, get to the farest planetoid Durability is weird setting for nerf the atom suit So when to fix the steel-only game-lagging jet suit? And now it also burn steel over time? Really?