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  1. I'm pretty sure everything will be fine 1 year later season pass 15$
  2. I may can't refund because playtime hour but I permanently deleted it
  3. Uhhh tencent work for klei for years well we could refund the game but I'm going to wait for February if they don't make thing back to normal well just refund and and buy a game I gave them 7 days and wait bye.
  4. Well klei I want a refund on DST
  5. I'm going to a parallel universe so no tencent in this company
  6. How to break your fan heart 101 Is this the beginning of the end?
  7. klei tencent is evil if you won't listen just keep an eye on them or else your fanbase goes down Klei did you know tencent is like a disease who like money and steal information using spyware
  8. Poor klei they don't know what coming
  9. Now its tencent entertainment why klei why Why sellout your company is amazing but you sold it why
  10. Should I refund or should I wait so everything goes back to normal? Because DST is my favorite
  11. Well I hope klei read all the comment Also I just bought this game on January 3rd
  12. Klei I will go back in time to stop this from happening Well klei if you won't listen to us and still listen to tencent your company will go downward like an airplane crashes down Well all that youtuber who play your game will prob stop playing and start finding other game
  13. You know tencent with space is 10 cent
  14. Pay 100$ to play year of the beefalo