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  1. The worst part is that they said in the DST 2021 Roadmap that their ports would get some love. I don't feel loved.
  2. Thanks for finally releasing the Quality of Life Update to mobile platforms! I'm not going to sign up for Apple Arcade just to get another version of a game that I've already bought multiple times though, so I'll admit to feeling more betrayed than anything.
  3. Update: I did actually see MooseGoose spawn shortly before I escaped my world, so I know it's not a bug completely blocking the bosses from spawning. It just seems there's an abysmally low chance of seeing them spawn on pocket edition. For reference, I haven't seen a single boss between a further 102 days of game play in the new world and 59 days on a completely new file. I only saw 3 total spawns (two moosegoose, 1 deerclops) within the 500 days in my world mentioned by the previous post.
  4. So, I have a DS:PE iOS game that I've been playing for years now. It used to spawn bosses (started with default settings), but hasn't spawned anything in over 300 in-game days. I figure somewhere along the sparse updates the game has gotten, something happened that broke boss spawn mechanics for my world. I'm currently stockpiling supplies for an accelerated start on a new world, but I'm not sure if going through the wooden thing will even reset this boss bug. I figure generating a whole new world should theoretically spawn bosses like it should, but want to get some input before I leave my years-old base behind for good.