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  1. One of the new characters based on previous trends will be a character from the main series and one brand new character. One will be paid. From the lore we have so far, and the hints in the videos. I foresee the character coming from the main series be wagstaff. The late game mentions portals that arn't working, symbols that relate to wagstaff's warehouse, and other hints. I foresee the next OG character being wagstaff. For the other new character, I am unsure what it will be. Walter surprised everyone with the character design and skills.
  2. Yeah, it could have been the last gift she got from her mom. The figure in the other painting with the shadow could have been the wife/mom too, implying that she was taken for Mr. Witherstone threatening Maxwell for late payments.
  3. Judging on the picture of the wall and the ruined state of the apartment, and his daughter being home alone. Maxwell probably offered him the chance to bring his wife back, who was probably life itself to him.
  4. There is a new post about it, it is in relation to the new Twitch Drop system.
  5. Try this post: I don't have any issues with the rewards, and have my Klei Rewards account paired with my Steam and Twitch accounts and also make sure the stream I am watching has drops enabled.
  6. Honestly, was kind of disappointed to hear about the take over by Tencent.
  7. Basically we want Wes to be hard and not useless. Having a character that is difficult is fun, having a character that is currently just a joke and a character slot that isn't being use isn't.
  8. Based on their own policy, this would be against their guidelines and would not be allowed. https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029880791-Player-Creation-Guidelines "COMMERCIAL THINGSCommercial use is when you make money for your player creation. Commercial use of Player Creations is not allowed (except for the specific situations listed below). HAND-MADE PRODUCTS, YOUTUBE VIDEO MONETIZATION."