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  1. so base is truly 0K but adds +348.2C ? I suppose that's understandable, basing it off 0 kelvin, but to a new player that's still a little obscure. Many people aren't even aware kelvin is a temperature scale in the first place. Perhaps I've missed something somewhere but I had no idea kelvin was even part of the equation (in game) until I looked online. I have not seen any mention of it in the game anywhere, and still feel this is something that should be better represented or explained somehow without needing to resort to outside sources for information.
  2. I've had this issue too, I think its due to the hatch burrowing despite it being wrangled, then no one can get to it, I've also had it burrow into tiles it should not when wrangled. (It was awhile back, but I believe it was an airflow tile it burrowed into) My only guess is that it that causes something to get jumbled in the que where the dupes find it permanently unreachable even when it un-burrows at night. Though that does not explain why they will still murder it if that's what you ask of them. Even at highest priority I could not get them to re-locate the hatch. Destination room was not an issue due to testing with non-bugged hatches.
  3. I could be wrong, or just missing something, but this math doesn't add up to me. As a player, I read this as saying the base value of 348.2 (for the structure type?) Minus 20 (due to made of lead) should equal 328.2 degrees? but its reading that it overheats at 55 degrees... I'm at a loss. If I am in the wrong and reading the values incorrectly, could you please clarify them so that they are a bit easier to understand?