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  1. My drops are not coming in for the PS4 either. Might try again in a hour to see if there is a delay.
  2. I think for console players certain skins should be made available though the points or puzzle. For example the mini monument skin, I will not be able to get that skin on DST for PS4. I know quite of few people who got codes when they bought items but couldn't use them because the option to use codes on DST is no longer there for consoles. I know I missed cetain skins from not being able to login in daily or watch streams, so having the chance to earn them through different means would be nice.
  3. I'm curious about this. I thought rocks come back in the meteor biome, which makes them renewable. Or was that changed? I mine all the rocks in the meteor biome and come back within 4 days and its fulled with with rocks again.
  4. Sadly I don't have my older worlds. I know PC players can use mods to get the farms back but sadly I'm on PS4.If people like the update thats good but it would have been nice for them to leave the other farms for players to use wanted. Plus the new farm plots are kind of ugly.
  5. It just a personal preference type of thing, I would like to see. Most likey the next character is going to be male again, just like the character before that. I know some gamers don't care about gender in games or pay it any notice. There are more male characters to female characters in DST. If they added more female character or different race of characters I don't think it would cost a issue. Unless they make the character in a certain way that is offensive.
  6. I'm with you on that. I started back up playing and when I saw I couldn't make a farm plot I was confused. The old farms were simple and hassle free. Collect all the items you needed also collect some extra manure. Make your farm plots and that's it. In a couple days you get your crops. Hopefully the first one is a pumpkin then you can make scarecrow. That's all that was required for farming. I liked the part where you couldn't grow in the winter, it was realistic. They should have added the compost bin, gardening hat, and the watering can to the old farms. There wasn't anything wrong with farming
  7. There are 17 characters in DST, it would be nice to have a more gender balanced cast and some with diffeent races. We have our second POC and adding some more would be nice.
  8. Diving or deep sea diving- We would have to to have a machine on our boat to be able to do this, This could open up new mods (friend and foe), Wurt would be able to going into the water with no equiment needed only a light source to see if dark. Also new items, like clams, oysters, mussels, seaweed, coral, etc. New biome- we are missing some cool biomes like the tundra, savanna, jungle, rainforest. New weather type- hail which could damge the player and mobs but also when picked up could be used as a weapon or for crafting. Items- fish nets, crab baskets
  9. If they do make it next gen only then they need to give free upgrades, plus let the skins you earn carry over. At the moment I don't see them making that move yet with all the changes and fixes they have planned.
  10. Honestly I want a ending that makes sense. Don't leave everything up in the air without saying why or giving a good reason. Also I don't want a ending where it seems like one thing where instead it could be something else. If they wanted to close the chapter on Charlie then I fine with that, they could give us a ending that says "To be continued " or something in that nature. If they wanted to bring in the creator of The Constant I am down for that. I do believe someone or something created this whole world, true Maxwell did build on it then Charlie added more things after that but.