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  1. This makes me extremely sad and upset. I know you say that you will maintain full control of your games but Tencent has a way of turning games filled with love from the dev's into soulless profit husks God, the more I think about this the more sad I get. I feel weird playing my favorite game now, knowing that I am indirectly supporting Tencent and in turn the CCP. This is a sad day for dupes everywhere.
  2. That's what I had thought as well, when I started a mop order it said that there was nothing to mop over the airflow tiles, with the exception of the small glob in the corner wall. my base is pretty well pressurized ( close to 1800g of oxygen though out the main dupe living areas ) could it be that the updraft pressure of the oxygen pushed the puke away from the AF tiles? I've only got around 200 hours so I'm not an expert on the game's physics yet. But also if that were the case I would think that the puke would spread or at least gain mass on either side of the AF tiles, but that wasn't the case. I also haven't been able to successfully replicate this since I replaces the AF tiles in question and all the others seem to be functioning properly, I have no idea lol.
  3. As the title says the vomit is deleted by the airflow tile. The vomit surrounding the AF tile is from when the dupe vomited on the regular tile on the left, but when the dupe's vom reached the AF tile it instantly disappeared, and in the image it shows the vomit being instantly deleted before it reaches the ground. I thought that maybe it was simply being pushed off the AF tile, but this was not the case, the mass of the surrounding puke was not increased and it did not spread.