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  1. Hey Klei, First off, thank you for creating such an amazing game! #DST4Life Anyhow, after the waterlogged update my shortcut on my desktop has not worked. When clicked, it brings up a steam window that reads "preparing to launch don't starve together" then disappears and nothing happens. I went into steam and hit the "play" button which brought up a steam window that said offered two options "play don't starve together" and "play don't starve together (32 bit)". Selecting the first option produces the same outcome as the shortcut issue aforementioned. Selecting the 2nd option does open the game but obviously I would like to experience the 64 bit experience and to have my shortcut start working again. Please let me what else you need from me, happy to provide you with other information.
  2. I too am having problems after the update. My shortcut on my desktop will not open the game. I can go into steam and open the game (can only run 32 bit as 64 bit does not work either way) but some world servers will not open at all. Mods do not seem to be the problem as one world with 13 mods does launch (usual mods my group uses). I have verified the game files, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and restarted my computer. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Same here, tried unsubscribing from some mods and deleting some mod files but problem persists. Says "DST has run out of memory".