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  1. Win 7, Dell Precision m4500, i7-Q820, nVidia m1800, 16gb@2400, SSD storage Compared to Vanilla ONI, DLC introduces significant (~10 sec) delay between clicking 'Research' and seeing appropriate screen. Also, loss of approx 10% FPS while in research screen, not present in Vanilla. Repeat: always I feel like it's safe to assume that the new left-side menu is responsible for at least one (probably both) of these symptoms.
  2. This message probably won't be approved by the admins. Because freedom of speech doesn't exist online. This "early access" bullspit really pisses me off! It wasn't that long ago that devs had to pay people to be QA. I know. I was paid to do it! It STILL boggles my mind that people are willing to pay the devs to do a job I used to get paid for doing! On the one hand, I get it. Especially for indy devs (like KLEI), who sometimes literally can't afford quality QA. On the other hand, its F'ing insulting to ask me to pay someone to let me do my job, which I should be getting paid for! I don't mind doing it for free, and I've been a volunteer on many projects. But, I have never, and will never, pay someone else for my expertise. If you're willing to accept the fact that I didn't pay you, then I'm willing to send in bug reports. I've already got a couple waiting. If you're not, I'll bet my account will be deleted. Which is why I used a throwaway. [EDIT: It was approved? I'm very impressed!]