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  1. Edit: Crash is caused by the Airlock Door mod published by Stephen. Deleted my only airlock door and haven't had a crash since - I put a comment on the mod page.
  2. +1 for this bug. Latest unstable DLC build (With mods! Haven't disabled them for testing as it would break the save anyway.) Happens every cycle or two into a 120 cycle save, seemingly random. In regards to the reports regarding it being related to pipes; my dupes currently aren't building any liquid pipes, they are however building heavy-duty cables, automation cables and gas pipes. Mod list in-case there's a common one among those with the bugs - GasOverlay Stock Bug Fix Clean Drop AI Improvements Make Dirt Public Luxury Beds Public Cots No Splash Screen [Vanilla + DLC] Rooms Expanded Reroll Duplicants重新选人Printing POD打印舱 Fast Save Settings Change Tool Falling Sand Efficient Supply Airlock Door (Thought it may have been this mod, however I haven't been able to reproduce it) Smart Pumps Research Queue Build Over Plants Mod Updater Show Building Ranges Build Straight Up Biological Vats Better Multitool Animations Smart Egg Incubator Never Flood Critter Drop-Off Didn't realise I had that many mods until I listed them!