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  1. bought this game on steam just a few mins ago after playing on ps4 for a few years and i tried logging into my ps4 account where it says account and nothing happened, i tried restarting the game and logging in and out a few times and that didnt do anything, did i do something wrong? if anyone could help thatd be greatly appreciated okay so apparently you cannot transfer items from ps4 to pc
  2. yeah i bought the wormwood pack on my PS4 a few days ago and hes been really fun
  3. i know i hope that you can breed beefalo or something so its easier to get more beefalo when your main one dies, or even just being able to milk them or something would be nice
  4. probably an unnamed character sucked in before maxwell, because in the new mobile game (which may or not be canon) it shows what the constant is like after wilson took over that things have changed so there mustve been someone before maxwell to add merms and stuff
  5. maybe with wortox you would get like half a sould or a quarter of a soul for killing things like butterflies and bees
  6. gather basic materials, explore, make a science machine, the basic stuff
  7. walls need to have a better use and taming a creature shouldnt take so much time for such a little reward, we should at least be able to breed beefalo we tame
  8. for most OP groups id have to say wormwood, wortox, and wolfgang. wolf can do the fighting, wortox can get the souls wolf gets from fighting to heal his teammates/eat it, and worm can make easy food for wolf