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  1. Ohh I have that metal refinery but never build that Klim thing Maybe I should go and recheck all the buildings
  2. So I maybe should use steel the next time I build an aquatuner. Right now the one I have is enough. Yes it runs quite hot, but works fine so far. I don't think I will send a Dupe on a suicide mission to actualy deconstruct that thing now. And I don't have any steel. Don't know how to make it.
  3. Yes I am no expert at the game but my first aquatuner (made of Gold) broke because it got to hot even while I was taking the heat away with a Steam Turbine. I then tried thempshift plates in the Aquatuner room to even out the temperature of the oil it was sitting in and the water/steam above and that helped a lot. SInce then my Aquatuner runs fine. I just used like 15 Tempsfhift plates in that small room and that cost me a huge amount of valuable ressources ( I had no diamond at that time but used refined gold) So I was curious how exactly those work before I will use them somewhere else. The steam turbine runs at approx 25% of its max power as far as I can see, so does that mean I can use one steam turbine for like 3 or maybe 4 aquatuners?
  4. I just want to make sure, If I understand the way Tempshift Plates work correct. They do not transfer heat to each other and do not exchange heat with buildings correct? So there is no point to place them behind a building, to spread the temperature (for example of a heat generator in a Balm Lilly farm) But It would help If i place them next to the generator to spread out the heat faster/more even in the room. Right? There is also no point to place them next to each other, but its better to place them with a gap of 2 Tiles between them, because each of them will work for an 9 field big area with the plate in the center anyway. Right?
  5. Seems this is still not fixed. I have the same thing happen in my game. Its especialy annoying if you have to transport much stuff from one side to the other. Basicaly half of the day in total the dupes are just standing there doing nothing.
  6. So if this is not a bug but per design I can actualy use it as a second Oxygen production way to reduce Algae consumption? I mean there is so much overpressure around my base now and most of that is polluted oxygen that it may as well serve as one of my main oxygen sources when I remove the germs from it.
  7. I just returned to this game with the latest patch installled. And now I see that polluted water creates polluted oxygen out of nowhere. So the pressure in the room with the polluted water rises and rises. Why does it create polluded air instead of just pollute the air that is in the room? All areas that have polluted water in them will reach max air pressure at one point.