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  1. Mods had a "settings" button in the main menu in a previous build. Updated to CS-447596 and that option disappeared. Specifically, for the Claustrophobia mod, there were options for how long a Dupe had to be "Confined" before triggering the alarm, etc. I don't think this is a mod issue, because there were multiple mods with "settings" buttons that all disappeared.
  2. In Sandbox mode. Using Blueprint mod. Keybind of the Create New Blueprint action "L_SHIFT + X" is the same as Sandbox Destroy. Pressing the keybind crashes the game. Changing the keybind of the Blueprint action to "L_SHIFT + C" to match the Sandbox Clear action results in the same crash. Changing the keybind of the Blueprint action to "G" notifies the user that the Dig command (default keybind "G") has been unbound to avoid collision. Changing keybind to other Global commands results in the same notification. Changing the keybind of Global command Pan Up to "L_SHIFT + X" notifies the user that the Sandbox Destroy command has been unbound to avoid collision. It does NOT automatically unbind the Blueprint action at first. Changing the keybind of Pan Up to anything else, then changing it back to "L_SHIFT + X" now automatically unbinds the Blueprint action. It seems it will only unbind one collision at a time, even if there are multiple actions bound to a key. Also tested with Pliers mod, with same keybind. Changing keybinds under "PLib Mods" category doesn't overwrite "Sandbox" commands, but will overwrite "Global" commands. Likewise, changing "Sandbox" command keybinds will NOT overwrite "PLib Mods" commands.