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  1. Thank you for the response, but I just figured it out a couple minutes ago. The file in question was marked as 'hidden'. When I unchecked that, the game ran without issue. For reasons that escape me, all files and folders in that tree *up to and including* Documents were marked as Hidden. I was clued in when another game (Horizon Zero Dawn) generated an analogous error. I wish I knew what caused this so I could set it on fire................
  2. I'm getting the attached error constantly since the latest update (just fired up the game yesterday, haven't played in months). The game will start, I'll get the Klei logo, then this message will appear. If I hit "ok" about 20 times, the game will load in behind the error message until it finally closes. When I start a new colony, the message appears again, and it takes 4-5 clicks for it to disappear. After selecting the starting asteroid, it appears several more times prior to selecting your 3 starting colonists. I gave up at that point. I have verified the game cache, reinstalled the game, set the .exe to admin, and all of this keeps occurring. It's immensely frustrating. And the game is entirely vanilla, no mods at all. And yes, I've disabled my antivirus, and nothing changed.