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  1. wip of this animatic i'm working on: think jekyll and hyde, anyone?
  2. I have a long-term world outside of the beta that i'd really like to see the new biome and everything it has to offer in once the actual update goes live. Will the waterlogged biome be able to spawn naturally in existing worlds, or will I have to force things in with console commands? It'd be really disappointing to not be able to experience the update in an existing world.
  3. yeah okay fine we're having a roleplay and maxwell has forcibly become the new spider queen
  4. dadsbury this dadsbury that. wilson would leave a baby alone with a box of matches and an open beer dress based on the spider queen
  5. Strange thing, I went to delete the client log and try opening the 64 bit version again. When I did that, it finally launched without issue. Not sure what was going on. I'll include the 64 bit logs anyways client_log.txt
  6. I'm a bit confused on where I'd actually find these logs. I've narrowed the issue down a bit more- when attempting to launch the 64 bit version of the beta, steam tries to open it, but stops trying after a few moments, without giving me any sort of failure notification. I don't have this same issue with the 32 bit version, and my system runs 64 bit applications just fine, normally. I'm not sure where this would be logged Not sure if these are what you're looking for, but i have this "[2021-07-26 17:55:59] Checking for update on startup [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Checking for available updates... [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Downloading manifest: [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Download skipped: /client/steam_client_win32 version 1626824053, installed version 1626824053, existing pending version 0 [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Nothing to do [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Verifying installation... [2021-07-26 17:55:59] Performing checksum verification of executable files [2021-07-26 17:56:01] Verification complete [2021-07-26 17:56:02] Background update loop checking for update. . . [2021-07-26 17:56:02] Checking for available updates... [2021-07-26 17:56:02] Downloading manifest: [2021-07-26 17:56:03] Download skipped by HTTP 304 Not Modified [2021-07-26 17:56:03] Nothing to do [2021-07-27 00:16:52] Background update loop checking for update. . . [2021-07-27 00:16:52] Downloading manifest: [2021-07-27 00:16:53] Download skipped by HTTP 304 Not Modified [2021-07-27 00:16:53] Nothing to do"
  7. Double checked my specs, my PC is in fact a 64 bit system. Not sure whether it's a problem on my end or steams, but the game simply won't open in the 64 bit version, even though my system has the capability to do so.
  8. steam does ask me what version i want to launch- my issue is that on my desktop, it will only launch the 64 bit version. i'll try what you suggested, though
  9. Since getting into the beta, dst continually tries to launch in 64 bit, despite my pc not being able to handle it. It refuses to launch like this, making me go to steam itself and having to manually select 32 bit. Is there a way to make this the default launch setting?
  10. Forgot the name of the structure itself, but when inspecting the burnt sea strider den, all characters will say 'It's.... a thing.'
  11. Me and my friend were being evil and setting the things on fire with fire staves. They lack an animation for being on fire, and will crash the game if they die while on fire.