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  1. not making this its own thread because it's more just me rambling and doesn't deserve a thread but i have one fear and that is that maxwell's rework will forget his lore and that at his core he's supposed to be a sympathetic character. i have faith in klei and they got his character right in the forgotten knowledge trailer so it's not the likeliest possibility but i do live in fear that they may basically rewrite him into a more straight villain, all but completely erasing his nuance and tragedy and the fact that his worst deeds were being done under Their influence and during his torment on the throne, i.e. end of adventure mode and william carter puzzles. i mean, the guy straight up says he tried to harm himself on the throne should you try to attack him, that says smth about what his time as king was like. i know maxwell is klei's character and they know how he's written but i also believe the lore has switched hands in the past few years so i am just worried that he may be rewritten somewhat and have his nuance erased. i've been thinking about his character for the better part of nearly three years so i think i have *some* place to speak on his character. anyways this has been a reoccuring fear of mine because you will not believe how many times in a week i have to defend maxwell as being a sympathetic character and showing at least a level of remorse for his actions from people who think he's just straight up evil with no nuance. you don't understand how hard this is for me. *big flashing sign that says 'AUTISTIC' appears over my head* huh anyways girlboss moment
  2. will i ever stop feeling emo about this man? experts say no grue sleep
  3. you wouldn't last a day as a maxwell main... it's been 3 years.......
  4. why do you just wanna take one of his few legs to stand on away come on now
  5. busy w artfight and moving but this one was for someone's dst oc soooo
  6. Winona's new chest skin lacks elbows when arms are bent
  7. super excited to play this ^-^ here's hoping for pirate skins... pls
  8. my end of an art exchange. i got rusty i need to practice drawing max more
  9. the monkey (said in the same cadence as the flying dutchman)
  10. I already have to deal with poop everywhere from my beefalo, the LAST thing i need is to deal with poop from my character