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  1. For storage I had a main area for basic materials, and smaller compartments as seen in the pics below for specific categories of items. In the first image, the compartment on the left is for rare items, and the one on the right for nautical related stuff. The single compartment in the photo is for food storage. In general I avoid storing multiple items in a single chest, except if said item is generally rare and I won’t ever get more than a stack of it. I store tools, weapons and wearables in ‘racks’. Essentially they’re walls that zigzag so stuff can be placed in between neatly.
  2. Does it still count as ‘powercreep’ when arguably better items arise due to the level of player progression in the game? For example, a backpack vs a krampus sack. The former is objectively better, but the latter comes through a much greater amount of gameplay. I don’t hear the term much so I’m curious to see if what I said counts under its definition
  3. My library in an endless world where I store rare blueprints I collect.
  4. how do I like a comment twice In the same way that the changes to spiders were added with Webber's rework, whenever the devs decide to touch up Wurt (if at all) making said changes to the swamp and merms would be great to have at the same time
  5. I have a collection (or used to after I gave it to a friend cause they won a lottery I hosted) of about 11 krampus sacks in the endless world I play on. I've also helped farm dozens in other servers and occasionally provided the papyrus for it. My best estimate is 30-40 papyrus (120-160 reeds - equivalent to collecting all reeds in the surface swamp 3-4) per sack. The equivalent in books is about 15-20 total, keeping in mind that you want to use a ratio of 3 sleepy time stories:5 birds of the world so you're not in excess or have a limiting factor. Start with a minimum of 3 sleepy time stories with 5 birds of the world at first, then use more as necessary. Using a reed farm (if you have good swamp gen) can help expedite the process. Kramp sacks are a nice challenge if you're an experienced player in a survival world, and a must in endless worlds late game. Notably though, if you're Wolfgang the movespeed penalty from the piggyback no longer applies when you're mighty, making it a very suitable alternative. The new skin for it is also One more thing, you can kill Glommer every night with the moonstorm event on. Whenever my friend does it, the process usually takes around 2 hours per sack. In both methods you might as well be charcoal farming to an extent.
  6. Poor Mike. I'm sure he just wanted to know, why the harshness
  7. Say your friend is playing Warly, and you're in the character selection screen. You wanna play Wilson (who has no synergy with Warly), but there's this thing where crops grown by Wormwood (a character you dislike) are now unique and massively buff your friend's dishes. If you play Wilson, you and your friend lose out on that massive synergy, so you might as well pick Wormwood, a character you don't like. You end up being obligated to pick characters for their synergies rather than the characters themselves, which I would dislike. I feel as though it's different in Smite. What currently exists in the game, say wicker spamming applied horticulture with wormwood's crops, is comparable to picking ares support because the mid picked poseidon or zeus. The level of 'synergization' you're suggesting doesn't exist in Smite, with the exception of horus and set's passives that have direct interactions with each other. I had to double take when I was reading the dev's blogs upon their release because I felt it was so out of place lol. No playable character should have such a direct counter, especially in a MOBA imo.
  8. Having such specific synergies adds an unnecessary amount of pressure on players to choose characters largely based on said synergy rather than the characters themselves. That’s not to say that such pressure doesn’t already exist. This’ll just increase it imo.
  9. I don't really like it, as it'll likely limit the ceiling of what you can do with her books (unless there's additional ways to rapidly increase the meter other than time). All of her books are mass spammed by players late game for various purposes, except for applied horticulture. Cut reeds already exist as a factor to limit such spamming early game, allowing her books to scale well late game ; notably once you have a lureplant farm set up or have made enough rounds through the swamp for enough papyrus. Birds is used with sleepytime stories to farm krampus sacks. On average you'd need around 15 books in total for one sack if you're not moonstorm farming glommer on the side. Tentacles book is spammed for an initially expensive BQ method that pays itself off over time. It also readily provides one of the key ingredients for its maintenance as tents die, tent spots. Applied silviculture is spammed in grass/twig farms. Assuming you're using all eyeplants fairly efficiently, you're looking at several stacks of each per book. I really only use the end is nigh to charge WX's for stupidly long amounts of time. In short, adding a meter will put a heavy cap on her book spamming
  10. Webber's rework made him a lot more team friendly and made amassing a spider army much more dynamic so I'd probably go with him. Technically the spider 'rework' came with Webber's so that's a cherry on top. Also, you can save spiders from extinction now. So if someone ever decides to wipe out the lunar spiders for example, boom, Jurassic Park™.
  11. a buff to the seed pack-it. seems largely redundant atm
  12. @QuartzBeam You don't know me but I've had your farming guide bookmarked in my browser for almost a year now, I'd always refer to it whenever I forget plant nutrients, etc, so thank you! at this point i probably make up half of the view count lol.
  13. live fishes don't spoil faster when wet Wurt's temperature doesn't decrease when she's wet the merm king's feeding animation is either shorter OR scales higher or lower depending on the hunger value of the food given (like beefs do)