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  1. @QuartzBeam You don't know me but I've had your farming guide bookmarked in my browser for almost a year now, I'd always refer to it whenever I forget plant nutrients, etc, so thank you! at this point i probably make up half of the view count lol.
  2. I'm curious, do you actually play Smite or are you just name dropping it? There's only 110 or so gods/playable characters in the game and not nearly as many as you're implying are that directly synergised. Also I'm confused as to how a comparison between MOBA's and DST is relevant to the thread in any way
  3. live fishes don't spoil faster when wet Wurt's temperature doesn't decrease when she's wet the merm king's feeding animation is either shorter OR scales higher or lower depending on the hunger value of the food given (like beefs do)