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  1. (Disclaimer: I am using the edited Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll from this post to work around the "Out of tag bits" crashes) I got through the "home sweet home" achievement announcement and then was unable to return to the game. When I click on "return to game", it shows me the achievement message with a white background. When I hit continue I return to the summary page, trapped in a loop.
  2. Here are my two closest save files to the event, one from before and one from after. The behavior did continue until I finished building the second rocket port. Edit: Sorry, I realized that the log I shared is only from my most recent session. I don't have the log from this time. Acropolis Frosty.sav Acropolis Frost.sav Player.log
  3. They are trying to depressurize an oil well that has been disabled, so they just stand in front of it all day.
  4. The cargo loader on the previous planetoid was continuously loading the rocket.