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  1. After I saw this, I went in to see if I could find a new pig world. Found one. Had a tree guard kill the pigs and took the grass tuffs out. Started to pin in the pigs with stonewalls but did not finish before 2 of the 4 pigs came back. When those two came back, I was excited that the pigs regenerated! After the pigs came back, I had a tree guard kill them again and finished the stone walls around the pigs torches. They were not too close about 1.5 or 2 tiles away from the torches. That was day 21 or 22. I am on day 55, and the pigs have not come back. I did not know if this would help. Ill see if I can get that game file for you. Only game setting changed between 22 and 30 was less tree guards.
  2. I have lost my pig torches in three worlds. All the worlds were started before the March 11, 2021 update. I play on a PS4. First, lost was right after the update, so I was a little afraid to go into my other worlds with pig torches. But, with the new end game content, I decided to roll the dice and hope for the best as I was prepared for any end game content in that world as I was over 1700 days in. Unfortunately, it looks like my pigs will never come back in there. Today, I decided to check on my third world and was excited to see that my pigs still existed; however, once I killed them they have not come back - Over 8 days now. Feeling pretty defeated as that world is 790 days. I spent a lot of time searching for worlds with pig torches before starting those games. In this last game, I did not make any modifications to the world generation settings before entering the world. I don't remember if I made changing on the two previous games, but I do not think I did on my 1700 day game. I would love for this to be fixed.