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  1. Fire farms aren’t built day 1, you need tons of rocks, a lot of ice, gears, your choice of item to burn. While gathering the materials you also need to eat. Wolfgang being able to move faster, hit harder, and having higher stats; can do every part of that better than Wilson. This is preaty much it Damm this makes me think even higher of Wurt... Put i would still put her in A tier, ill be making changes and writing down new reasons soon so stay tuned
  2. By late game every character has reliable easy/farmable ways to deal with bosses, Wulfgang is the best because he allows you to skip a good chunk of preparation when facing bosses early on. Its easier to get 300 hunger than to set up 30 catapults for example. Also his move speed and tankiness helps a lot to get things going and is sanity perks allow him to do early nightmare fuel farming. If all worlds are endless and you have gather all the resources at your desposal it dosent realy matter what character you are, the game is over by that point. Wendy does outshine Webber in almoast everyway. Webber only advantages is she can start farming spider and silk much faster then Wendy, but by the time Wendy gets her first spider egg, the run is over Sure but "Enjoying" is different from being best or worse, you can enjoy playing Webber more than you do Wendy, dosent change the fact Wendy is superior to Webber.
  3. THIS IS IT ! This should be the criteria for ranking characters - A powerful character is one who has perk that allow them to skip preparation altogether. As someone (you) who kills Dragonfly without the need of walls doesn't understand that? If Wendy and Wormwood race to kill dragonfly your telling me Wormwood is going to kill dragonfly 20% faster? Lmao
  4. hahaha dude i love your replys, just wish you shared more knoladge and made more videos. Im still waiting for a tier list made by you ! With comentary and reasoning !
  5. Fire Farms arent has reliable has tentacles at least in my experimce atempting them, every tutorial i tryed fails in one way or another. Also they require gears with to get reliable means rushing the ruins, you can rush swamp to get spots to rush the bee queen instead. Wicker can mass produce resources in a minute, set up reliable farms, so on and so foward. You can always get living logs when rushing ruins near the archives only saving grace was the 20% speed but getting it in early game needs rot (if im not mistaken) and rot takes time to get making it inconsistent in early game. Maybe not tier d but not one of the strongest DAMM O.O That seems broken lol For sure S tier in solo but in team play i still think wicker is best due to resouce gathering Nice stratagie tho, lets just hope klei dosent fixe that beefalo bug
  6. Hi Guille ! im that guy that was arguing Wendy position on the coments of that youtube video xD Im still waiting on your tier list video you menssioned on said comments ! Being able to replicate the things she does isent that realy big of a deal, wicker power comes from the ceeling she has, early, mid and late game, it seems like you can do everything with her and even if some other characters could replicate what she does, she probably does it with lett resources, faster, or ealier in the game. Why do you think Wormwood is one of the strongest characters in the game ? Do you think is one of strongest even when your solo ?
  7. Personaly i love optimizing this game to the fulest, playing meta, using the best characters, etc makes me learn so much about the game. I do agree its hard to rank some of these due to variables but when were talking about a tier list im assuming everyone playing is playing like i play, to be efficient, to be optmazed, to be th best player you can, otherwise following a tier list makes no sence, just have fun playing what you want. When i say cheese im not talking about using bugs or exploits, im talking about how easy it can become. For exaple i dont think bocking Ancient Guardian betwen a pillar or 2 graveyards is and exploit, at times it takes me multiple atempts to find the perfect spot and to make him stuck, preparing a source of light and making sure i wont go insane is also part of the task, doing all taht rewards me with the best stratagie to kill him + i find the "normal" way of fighting him boring. Now lets use another example, blocking fuelwiver with lureplants or in the gates no telepof out so you can attack him freely, it makes certain characters that would have a hard time (coff coff walter) vs fuelwiver beating him like nothing. Characters that cant fight the Bee queen has easly has wicker and wendy can use the fire farm method to overcome that disability, in my opinion this stratagies are using the tools the game gives you to their maximum potential. Altough fighting these bosses has intended is much more fun and selfrewarding than exploiting and everyone should try it once but sadly fun dosent always equal best stratagie. I will always choose the most efficeint way to adress a problem, if fighting a boss the intended way was more efficeint than using resources to make a fire farm i would fight him the intended way and have a blast while doing it ! I meant BERNIE! gets over run and you cant have more thant 1 BERNIE! per willow but i didnt consider having little bernies agro the shadows so willow can kill them, Nice comment ! This might bump willow on the solo tier, thanks !
  8. I completely disagree with this statement. To start, tier list do make sence since some stratagies are better than other and some characters are better than others period. You shouldnt follow a tier list if you dont want to or if you prefer to play another character but preference has nothing to do with whos best or not. Secondly Wigfrid is just straight up worst than Wulfgang in almoast everyway, Health wise she has 250 health (200 + 25% dr) vs wulfs 300 health. Even with the healing song she still takes more damage than him cause Wulf ends up saving health due to finishing fights faster. Also wulf has a hidden healing mechanic when transforming from base to mighty. Hunger wise Wulfgang wins by far, if we take both characters at full hunger Wigfrid survives 1.6 days while wulf survives 2.66, not only can wulf eat everything but he outshines her even in hunger and were talking about full hunger, if you mange wulfs base form correctly he survives even longer. One advantage Wigfrid has over Wulf is her sanity drain and songs vs bosses, problem is wulf finish fights faster and even with is 1.1 sanity debuf he can still finish a fight befour going insane, even if not a couple of green mushrooms or cactus resolve this problem. Sanity is also a double edge sword on Wigfrid since she cant farm nightmare fuel has easly has wulf can so we can even takes this advantage off. Her songa dont help much neither when compared to wulf, Weaponized Warble - wulfgang also saves durability on weapons cause he finish faster, Heartrending Ballad wulf also saves health cause you gues it, he finish fights faster, Clear Minded Cadenza and Bel Canto of Courage these are easly accounted for with green mushrroms/cactus or finishing faster, Fireproof Falsetto Useless even vs claus or dragonfly (if it were imunity to fire it would be a whole other story but sadly it isent), Rude Interlude useless on solo and finaly Startling Soliloquy is in theory great, leting you avoid deer spells when fighting klaus or little bees vs bee queen, problem is vs klaus it takes 0 to no effort to dodge these attacks and still get much higher dps has wulf and vs bee queen the animation of the song is so slow you have to run from her to sing and when you finaly get back to damaging her they will quickly reagro making it pointless. TL:DR I stand by my point, yes you can prefer to play has wig, yes she is much cooler lore and visual wise that wulf but gameplay wise THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO REASON TO PICK HER INSTEAD OF WULFGANG when playing solo. I wish wigfrid had something i realy did ! in fact that was the topic that made me do the tier list in the first place, researching about those 2 to find something to bring wigfrid from his shadow and thats why i made the togheter tier list, when playing has a team she finaly outshines him ! When playing has a team bosses are a joke, you dont need combat characters at all. What you do need is massive resource farming so you dont run out of supplies, also wormhood, warly and wicker are not s tier just cause of their farming/coocking potential potential, they are S tier cause they can provide free living logs (one of the hardest items to mass farm), provide buffs for the whole team and create automatic mob farms has well has rushing bosses, respectively Yeah i dont know and never saw much of wurt but in theory she seems busted xD About wormhood, the only thing he has going for him when playing solo is the move speed, you wont be needing much living logs when solo, everyone has easy accees to farming and mass farming isent needed when soloing and you can just play WX-78 for the move speed or well, Wulfgang (id say wulf even benefits more of farms since roasted potatos are busted with him) I might bump him out of E tier due to the movespeed aloane but not sure... What is this beefalo stratagie your talking about with Wendy? 0.o Havent tryed nothing from the beefalo year event xD Also i totaly agrre with the WX part but hes good in solo due to being able to get a year round speed boost, free light and ignoring freeze. On a together server, he is the gatherer, being the fastest character makes him the choir boy of the group, need to farm grass ? send wx, need to get rocks ? send wx, so on and so foward. If he fully clears the ruins (witch he does easly) you will be able to bring thelucite crowns for everyone on the server, tons of gold and even have a bunch of gears left after fully upgrating. The 90% of WX playrs you encountered are bad players, dosent mean the character is bad. Falls of preaty had late game tho
  9. Pardon my speling mistakes but im to lazy to check for errors beour poasting so please stick with me xD Also feel free to share your opinion on both list and argue with me, i love learning more about the game and ill admit if you change my mind and will change the tier list while crediting you ! Solo: Together: S Tier Solo: Wickerbottom - Wickerbottom is just the best character no questions ask. Early game she can rush the bee queen to get broken loot from the start has well has having a great ruins rush i her high sanity and science up perk. Mid game she can set-up farms (Splumonkey farms, spiders farms, verg farms, klaus farms, etc) to get abundant resources and fight/cheese bosses with them plus she spawns food from the air ! The nerf to her Horticulture was big and killed a lot of food farms with lure plants but you can still use those set ups to farm twigs, grass and such. Overall she has no down side and amazing cealing, by far best character in the game. Wulfgang - Wulfgang destroys the game with his massive damage, movespeed, sanity manipulation and hidden healing mechanics, by fair the best character to 1v1 bosses with (all but bee queen, wendy and wickerbottom solo that one easyer) Wortox - Wortox ignores basic game mechanics due to his souls, health is a non existing problem due to healing and free quiting from souls, is able to manipulate his sanity with his souls and has a sanity modifier that prevents him to go insane in boss fights, due to teleporting on the spot to avoid damage he has a higher dps then all characters but wulfgang, wigfried and wendy with abigail, has the best mobility in the game, butterflyes are all he needs, kill them to get health/food, plant them and pick them to get sanity. Basicly, when played right, he is imortal ! A Tier Solo: Wendy - Wendy is the closest to S tier. She is the best at farming hords of mobs (even better than wickerbottom and webber for spiders), has great dps toghether with abygail and her aoe allows her to rush Bee queen that has the best drops early game. She can also rush ruins fairly easy with her sanity modifier and abygail´s light. In my opinion she is the discount version of Wickerbottom, can make mob farms faster and efficient but cant do has much has wicker, wicker can do all she does granted a bit slower but much more has well. WX-78 - WX-78 is the best ruin rusher in the game witch makes you set for the rest of the game with the highest stats of all of the cast and a bunch of ancient equipment. You can craft the telelocator staff in autom to bypass winter freezing and get the move speed and in spring you can recharge again with the moose/goose birdies to get set for the rest of the year. With is movesped his dps increases vs normal combat characters and he becomes the best solo resouce gatherer (better than Maxwell cause you wont need has much resources when playing solo and WX-78 travels faster) Maxwell - Maxwell is held back by is Shadow Duelists, if they had a decent code to attack and kite correctly he would be the best character in the game (maybe tight with wickerbottom :P ). His main park are is resource gathering abilities, amazing when playing together, not has much necesary when soloing. Hes the second best ruins rusher due to his pick axe shadow and his sanity aura. Inferior version of WX-78 when solo. Wigfrid - Wigfrid is in every way chape and form a wost Wulfgang. If your playing solo theres no reason to pick her over wulf. However, a worst S-Tier Character is still a great character (check Wendy xD). Contrary to popular belive, Wigfrid has lower overall hunger than Wulfgang due to his Absurd 225 hunger (witch translate to 150 hunger when taking inconsideration the 1.5x) and has soon has wulfgang hits mighty form he gains the exact damage buff has wig does, when fightning bosses her damage reduction (that translates to a 250 health) gets overshadowed by Wulf´s 300 Health. Her songs dont help much since Wulfgang saves health and Durability by finishing fights faster. Her one and only upside when playing solo vs wulf is her sanity steal, when wulfgang players might go insane on certain bosses, she will keep her sanity and focused on her main target. This is countered by her inability to stay insane for farming nightmare fuel and a couple minutes of preparation with sanity food gets reed of this advantage. Taunt song is useless in solo, fire resist song is useles everywhere and the scare song dosent help enogh (you cant rely only on the song to fight bee queen without her little bees, you still need to run away or use wall methods) TLDR Pick Wulfgang Instead Wurt - Wurt is the character that i least now about so take this positioning whith a grain of salt. Her being a vegan dosent realy hinder much due to the 33% buff on vegetable foods and her king upgrades are great. She can use the royal guards to fight bosses and thats what made me put her in A-tier. Dunno how costly she his or how big of a power house she can be but feel free to leave your toughts bellow Woodie - Woddie is an inferior version of Maxwell that gets saved by one perk, his weregoose form ! With the weregoose hes the only character that can rush the lunar island. He can use lucy and werebeever to farm resources (Slower than maxwell but a tad bit faster than WX), he can put up a decent fight whith his Weremose form to farm regular mobs and has great speed with weregoose. Hes a conditional WX-78 thogether with a conditional Maxwell that gets saved by his Lunar Rushing skills, combining that with an overal good character and you have an easy A - Tier. B-Tier Solo: Webber - Webber main porpuse is to mass farm spiders, witch wendy and wicker can also do (Wendy even does it better). Recruting spiders is wicker than being able to recuit bunnyman and pig man so if you want to mass spider farm pick Wendy. If you want to mass spider farm at a lower / riskier speed but have tons and tons more stuff to do pick Wicker. Winona - Winona has 1 and only 1 good perk, her catapults. She can set up decent farms and solo bosses with them. Unfortunly other characters (see obove) also do that and better. Maybe she would be higher if her builds were cheeper. Walter - Walter is the one im not certain about. I even considered puting him on E tier at one point but realizing his ability to sling cheese most of the problems (bosses) that were making me puting him on e tier made me change my mind. However is inabitlity to manipulate sanity and not being able to fuly rely on sling shot make him B-tier. C-Tier Solo: Willow - Willow is meh. Her ligter his cool i gues but the main thing that atracts me to her is her ability to farm Night creatures with bernie. Having a server full of Willow,s mass farming nightmare fuel uring the nightmare phsae with a bunch of bernies is cool, 1 bernie aloane gets easly overun making her a wilson with a lighter instead of a beard. Wilson - Wilson hes just wilson, no drawbacks and a beard. D-Tier Solo: Wormhood - Wormhood acessebility to farm its pointless unless massfarming, hes inability to reliably heal makes him unreliable to solo bosses with and his move speed is nice but cant be fully apreciated due to the hunger decrease and not being a reliable fighter for the increase dps. Warly - Warly only upside are is buffed diches, however you take a couple of days to get does set up and his food restrictions are anoying. I rather pick Wilson. E-Tier Solo: Wes - Wes is just Wes, if your nit chalenging yourself dont pick him. S-Tier Together: Wickerbottom - Everything that made ger a solo S tier gets even better when playing together ! You can mass farm resources and food for everyon, get everyone a head start with you science up and set up farms to make everyone selfsufficient by yourself ! Wormhood - Wormhood becomes a broken when playing together cause his weaknes are all covered up with other characters. He can mass far crops and living logs without a care in the world for fighting Wortox - Wortox remains imortal exept he dosent need to eat food so he cant give it most/all his food to his teamates and can heal the, has well making them closer to imortality Warly - Similar to Wormhood, Waly gets acess to his buffed dishes way faster with teamates and gets is downsides covered with help from others making him focus on coocking, planting (together with wormhood) and being a suportive character for the team A-Tier Maxwell - Maxwell truly shines when playing with teamates has is early game mass resource gathering is the best in the game. He can also rush the ruins if needed. Wendy - Wendy remains he budget Wickerbottom status being able to mass farm food and rush bee queen. Wurt - Has i said befour im not familiar with Wurt but i assume her being able to grant acess to the merm king for all players is great and loyal mers are still great to help fight with. Wigfrid - Wigfrid is actualy better than Wulfgang when playing together, not only can she give helmets to avoid destroying pig houses but her songs buff alies. A single buff to her wasent enogh to rival wulf but a whole squad of buffed characters outshine him easy. Also her Taunt Song gains usability to make her be the focus thoese tanking for her friends. Woodie - Woodie is great for the same reasons has solo, decent resource gatherer, decent mob farmer, can rush lunar islands B-Tier Together: Webber - Webber can actualy raise to an A-tier depending on how much players you need to feed early on. Wendy can farm spiders better but takes more time to set up the eggs, webber is less efficeinet at farming them but sets and upgrades farms faster. In desperate need of mass amounts of food early on ? Pick Webber over Wendy. If not Wendy is the better choice. Winona - Winona dosent change much, her catapults can be overshadowd by more players and farms in general are best left for other characters. Can speed boss fights a lot tho. Willow - Willow actualy gains points when playing together cause a couple willows can set up a fairly decenet and early nightmare fuel farm in the ruins. Her Lighters are also a nice thing to have and she can gift them to her team mates making her climb a tier. Walter - Walter can freely dps with slingshot without messing up someones kiting making him a decent support when fighting. Dosent offer much tho besides increased dps and bag space. Hes basicly a chester that shots stuf at the enemy and since i like chester he remains in b tier. Wulfgang - Wulfgang suffers a massive drop on together due to his damage not being needed anymore. A whole squad or even a couple of teamates can destry bosses easly and the couple of seconds wulf saves by killing him faster dosent compensate the extra food needed to feed him. You can send him of to fight aloane while you do other stuff but its more efficeint to fight bosses has a team to make it easier and less resource intensive. WX-78 - WX-78 has 0 to no porpuse on a team. He runs fast so you can use him as a gatherer but other than that hes just a trash bin for rotten food that eats all your gears. One could argue that Wilson is a better teamate due to meat effegies and a couple of characters exclusive items requiring beard hair but i digress. C- Tier Together: Wilson - Wilson can create early meet effegies to make everyone saffer and.... thats all. E- Tier Together: Wes - Pick him if your trying to get the World Record Ban on dst public servers. And thats all folks, tell me in the coments what do you think of my reasonings, and feel free to argue with meand tell me im dead rong, i wanna learn more about the game !