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  1. Many buildings in Oxygen Not Included bring up an overlay when you select them for construction. Often this can cause the game to lag horrendously in large bases, especially but not limited to when dealing with the piping overlay and building liquid tanks or vents. However leaving the piping overlay eliminates this lag. I propose using a modifier key such as shift or ctrl. So when I want to build a liquid vent and I already know where I want it, I can hold down shift or ctrl when I click the building in the build menu and thanks to holding that key down, we could stay in the current overlay. Just a small quality of life change, thanks for reading.
  2. Mosaic tiles that come with spawnable features like vacillators, etc can be fractured my pressure each reload. After they've been broken the tiles glow brightly as seen in the picture and if you double flick the tile it says the tile is petroleum and not what the tile was made of. In the picture you can observe the sedimentary rock debris below the tiles. Also, is that door supposed to look like that?
  3. If you have dupes dedicated to just building and digging in the priorities this could be the cause. A build of material is a "build" errand and not a "dig" errand. If your hard digger can't build and your builder doesn't have the dig skill then that thing ain't getting built. (For some reason the game separates tasks like construction delivery and the actual construction, but not for dig/builds) This explains why having doing the dig order, then doing the build order works because you might actually need 2 different dupes to complete the task.
  4. This is a reproduction of a previous bug I reported but with frozen methane this time so this bug (feature?) applies to more than just petroleum. Or maybe this is just a tutorial on how to store 225 tons of solid methane not in 1 tile, but 9 tiles. Refer to my images below.
  5. You might be able to run the game at the beginning on that computer, but as soon as you start to explore the map and start running wiring, piping, gas, ranches, more dupes...
  6. I've been trying to fill the bottom of the map with petroleum and freeze it. Due to the pressure the frozen petroleum continues to break if it is 1 tile wide which generated tons of frozen petroleum as debris which collected at the bottom and then eventually the petroleum successfully froze over top of it and rather than it merging with petroleum tiles they became buried objects. During normal gameplay this didn't affect anything... but on reloading the game the debris teleports upwards to the first unoccupied tile and forms a frozen tile containing tonnes of frozen petroleum. In my case, these tiles formed in the aquatuner chamber of my cooling system and then of course they melt and completely flood the room. Screenshot provided. The liquid petroleum that is already in the chamber is from this same bug happening on a previous load in, which is why there is a layer of granite tiles on the sides. 2nd Screenshot shows the damage, the maintenance will be painful should I keep playing this file.