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  1. Wow, it works!!! Thanks for helping And... I know modding is not a simple thing... but can I have another question about the follower? I want to change follower as a ghost(like Abigail). But I can't find a solution... You don't have to respond to this if you don't want to. You already helped me a lot
  2. This is my mod folder. Since the image of my character is not completed, I've only changed the scripts. So the image files would be the same as yours but I'll change it soon.
  3. Thanks for sharing a template. It really helped But I have a question. I've done all the things in the tutorials then changed the recipe of the anchor (to make it easy to check how it works... ) But my character only said 'I can't do that' The ingredients were 2 petals, and it disappears when I craft anchor(with no creature)