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  1. there are a lot of recurring loops in the background. I have similar problems when i build too many pipes. around 200 turns... from any save load point.
  2. I know there are overlapping functions in this game. I was thinking about it. You can literally overload the game with things to do. especially when doing pipes and in large quantities... tracking temps and amounts and movement. I have had crashes for no reason and no log … so no idea why i reload and its fine for a while again and then bam die again. not all saves do this. I have gotten more efficient.
  3. haha... do you also loose selected action... Like build door.... it just clears.
  4. I have had issues where certain info pages or popups will display C and not F temperatures. I will find it and post picture.Cosmosfun3 Cycle 727.sav
  5. Cosmosfun3 Cycle 727.savc Update... I was able to reproduce this. if you select a tile that is changing gas or liquid. for example carbon dioxide vs chlorine. it does not update the description. (you probably wouldn't want it to keep changing for reading purposes. (maybe you shouldn't tie the top part to a tile and just show what was selected at that time. ) in the popup of the tile you can show the rapid changing.
  6. ive had this, resetting the allowed or copying settings from another door fixes it. but it recurs. On reload or just over time not sure.
  7. When a auto save is triggered. If i am constructing a door for example it gets cleared. I have to reselect the door construct tool. Seems stupid to deselect things in use. For the auto save you can just tell it nothing or assume nothing is selected. why change user input? Its very annoying. especially when auto save is every few turns.
  8. Cosmosfun3 Cycle 727.savCapture priority not changed when you drag over an already set capture.