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  1. I'm having the same issue, plant is disabled after changing crops: But in addition to deconstruct and construct, I can also use Copy Settings -> Paste Settings to plant the target.
  2. Yeah, I've never had a problem with a full water lock either, but the idea is to create a vacuum between the two environments to minimize heat exchange and to minimize the debuff from soaked to just soggy feet. Can get around be creating two full water locks with a vacuum in between, but that takes a lot of room and has the higher debuff. I also can't ever remember having the problem with corner locks leaking pre-Spaced Out. So recognize this may be a new mechanic or intended behavior, but if not, worth reporting.
  3. And in another case, a puft dropping a slime onto the corner water deleted the water altogether, removing the lock:
  4. Very minor bug: After teleporting a duplicant with Field Research (see screenshot) to another planetoid, that planetoid continues to incorrectly state "Local Colony Lacks Field Research". However, the duplicant is still able to perform the research, at which point the message disappears for that object (but remains for others).
  5. While using corner water locks to isolate areas and create vacuums between biomes, I kept finding that over time, gasses were being exchanged and my vacuums were disappearing. I setup notifications in several water lock areas, and found that occasionally, when a duplicant is crossing the water lock, there is an exchange of atmosphere. This does not always happen, and I have not determined any factors why sometimes crossing the lock leaks atmosphere, but usually it does not. I have tried with a variety of liquids, such as super coolant and viscogel, but have run into the same behavior.
  6. Whenever I launch a rocket to do orbital research, the game reports that "Local Colony Lacks Astronomy, Orbital Researcher", even when the assigned duplicant has the skills. If I save and reload, the message goes away and I can perform research. I am playing sandbox mode.
  7. After renaming a Dupe ("Grenadine") released from the Cryotank, the Dupe shows the original name ("Leira") in the schedule. Additionally, the Dupe released from the Cryotank had the same name as a pre-existing Dupe (and even the same physical appearance). Upon reloading, the name shows properly.