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  1. there is already a report about this problem, you can look into
  2. I see that you posted. But its seem not like big issue when its on your world. Try to make it in public like Klei's server. Btw, I've just seen your post in this bug tracker from 1 year ago, I did see any post like this when I was searching. But your post is kinda less infomation for developers to patch this. Thanks to your video also!
  3. There is a big problem with saving day and saving character's location in-game. When you follow the steps bellow you can duplicate all stuff that you want.(example: deerclops eyeball, guardian horn, renewable stuff, and rare stuff, ...). This bug is still working in public server (I did in Klei's server). When I did the step 6, my game's crashed. I tried to join back that server and I was in cave with my stuff (deerclop's eyeball). After that I join back surface, my stuff(deerclop's eyeball) that I stored in chest (from step 4) still there. thats meant: Deerclop's eyeball has been duplicated. Deerclop's eyeball just for example, I can do with any items that I want. I hope Klei will fix this bug. Thanks in advance for your reply!