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  1. HELP THE LIGHTBUGS ARE KEEPING MY DUPLICANTS AWAKE AT NIGHT I DONT WANT TO KILL THEM, CANT WRANGLE THEM how do i get rtid of them im considering trapping them in a room rn ill try makign a new colony maybe it will help
  2. when i press x i can't move and i have to press x again to move it gives me problems with forge announcer and playable pets im assuming its some mod that i don't know which is EEEEEEE SOLVED: auto fishing it was
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB24mpQktL0 ok so thats it just a stoopid post from a stoopid person
  4. just a suggestion for klei, adding a character like woodie but rock instead of tree, like rockie, and also adding koalafant breeding suggestion
  5. im so stupid that my PC rejects to have this working, or to be honest any dedicated server working.