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  1. This has been bugging me for a VERY long time but I am beginning to think the developers actually want us to suffer as this STILL has not been fixed even after waiting and hoping it would have been addressed. I first noticed this issue because I installed a mod, now hold up! This is not a mod issue, it simply brought it to my attention. For context, let me explain; The mod in question is the 'Happy digging: Dwarf edition' which allows for more materials to be returned the more skilled and the more your dupe likes to excavate. Because of this, I have set anyone who is NOT a miner/digger to 'not allowed' on their 'priorities' tab, thinking they'll ignore any dig orders I give. For the most part it works! When I set an area to be dug out, only my diggers plow through. EXCEPT, when I try to BUILD something in an area that hasn't be dug out, anyone who has 'build' allowed can preform a 'construction dig' to vacate the area in order to do so.... Who thought this was a good idea? You got dupes supplying other builds before a digger runs over to dig it out, why can't someone needing to build wait for a digger to clear it? This invalidates some of the features of using priority. Doesn't seem to end there, as I have a picture below. As my diggers move farther away and to keep them from having issues like trapping themselves on ledges, I turned their 'supply' priority up. Works pretty well as it gets them to do tasks locally unless some twit takes over the job making them run back to base then back out to build.(Honestly, put a buffer and filter gate in these things HEADS so they stop running away the moment they can't do something) On one of these digs, I notice my dupes haven't really gotten much done, so I watch... Looking at the picture below can you tell me; Why is STORE cooked fish under the SUPPLY errand type!?
  2. I'mma just post this here, Juuuuuuust in case these are all related.
  3. You could follow a guide like this; But before doing stuff that might mess something up, check your anti-virus. If it has a ransomware shield, it could be blocking the components of ONI in steam under your 'program files' from accessing the components in 'my documents' as it may see it as a malicious action. Try Exempting the paths to both locations and allow the apps if your anti-virus has that function. Hope that helps. Happy Holidays. Edit; I just realized, it's funny how this tickets problem and another ticket were posted on the same day No idea if their related, but it does make one wonder.
  4. Ok, sorry for double-posting but I found out what MY problem was, as it turned out others were having the same issue. So after I read this, I followed the directions. Turns out, when my Avast updated it flushed out my Exceptions and Blocked/Allowed Apps. Alright then, reinstated all the pathways and set what I could remember back the way it was. Booted up ONI, and it didn't crash! So send a big 'thank you!' to F3n1x over on steam if you can. Dunno if this'll help OP, but if you gotta Anti-virus, make sure ONI and the pathways(Both under Steam in programs and in documents) are allowed access. Hope this helps, if not, keep strong and fight on. Happy holidays everybody! ((Daddy's home my dumpty dupes!!!))
  5. Likewise; boot it up, see the Klei screen, a small pop-up blips and then it crashes. I think I gotta picture, I'll see if I can link. I will say, I was using mods prior to THIS problem. It kept crashing me everytime it would auto-save, so I decided to turn off my mods in the crash screen as to single out which was responsible for the crashes. Once I booted back up vanilla it started with this, dunno why it's looking for mods. IIRC, there was a microsoft or avast security update prior to this I had, could that be part of the problem?