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  1. List is updated. Gas overlay and settings were due to some mod. The rest are persistent with 0 mods active.
  2. As of today there was an update of Russian localizations, don't know if that's the cause or the mods. Gas overlay (F1) was caused by a mod, which I should've realized. "Building" is still displayed in English. The settings for a new game are now correct. You should do a separate report.
  3. Anybody has any clue to what I should do if the game lags so hard just before and after this release that I can't even start a game? I'm not limited on hardware, and the game ran just fine before BOFA. Now I can't play regardless if I have mods nor if I'm using the beta. Reinstalling ONI doesn't help :/ (The game lags so hard I receive multiple mouse pointers).
  4. I noticed that some neutronium had spawned in close proximity to a geyser. I'm assuming this is a bug. Hardware specs:
  5. Ubuntu 20.04. I don't know what "live/preview" branch means here. Classic version. I noticed that a single hatch never got attacked for some unknown reason, despite it being accessible and ensnared. Noticed that the living hatch was marked as... dead. See attached picture. System specs. Terminal: lshw, not run as super-user (I'm new to Ubuntu and don't know how yet).
  6. To my observation, dupes do not die when they are starving if they are holding food that they are about to eat. However, if one restarts the game in this very moment, perhaps having forgotten the starving dupe, the dupe will instantly die after the save game has been reloaded. The dupe in this case is marked as having died by starvation before the game is unpaused. I had no idea that this dupe for some reason had nutritional deficiency, which is quite an annoyance to return to after continuing a save game : / Merry Burrow.sav