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  1. you know that saves dont work from before the dlc, since they changed a lot and its early access. So youre saves gonna be grayed out if its an save from before the dlc and its gonna be grayed out when you go back to the normal version when you create a save in the dlc version.
  2. When i click on "Convert all collonies below to use cloud save" and confirm i get an error saying it cant find that folder (Called "Comet" in this case). When i go and view my save files I see that i dont have folders, i just have the names. When i then create a folder with the name "Comet" (the name of my collony) and put my save games in there and then click the button again it works. I havent played in a while so maybe you guys changed it to folders while i was gone and didnt check in this update if someone still has the old safe structure but yeah, its a simple fix i think and for anyone reading this with the same error this should work