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  1. Same issue, mine shift between wrangled and burrowed and wrangled and emerging depending on the time of day. Haven't downloaded the DLC so it is just happening in the base game for me.
  2. I played the game on early access in 2019 but downloaded the released version this week. Since playing the new version every time I start the game the screen is completely black except for the menu and the red error type icons (see Screen Shot 1), if I then try to load a different save or re-load the same save it displays most things properly but some items (cots, duplicant printer) and plants (here there should be a mealwood farm in the room with compost head and two bristle blossom ones above and to the left of that) as well as some creatures (there is a hatch farm with at least 5 hatches in the room to the left of the research stations) have become invisible. Duplicants can still interact with them and they function as normal but are just not visible. I can load older save games where some of these items are still displayed, e.g. cots and printer. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game twice but it has no effect. Playing on Mac (v10.13.6), 1.4Ghz Intel Core, Intel HD Graphics 5000