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  1. After launching a small first rocket into space for this file I noticed that the rocket icon on the starmap is missing. The arrow indicating the destination is present, but there's no rocket and it isn't just graphical because clicking where the rocket should be doesn't do anything. The rocket must be sent home from the rocket control station inside the rocket since the destination menu can't be accessed from the starmap.
  2. While I've experienced a bug with hot abysalite boiling oil, I've never had it freeze solid before and haven't been able to find anything about it. While trying to expand my oil pool, I accidently dug too close to the abysalite and ended up with sour gas when I noticed chunks of frozen oil and petroleum started forming at the bottom of the pool. After watching it for a bit, it only seems to happen once a block of oil boils into sour gas and for a split second leaves a vacuum behind. It's inside this one tile of vacuum that a chunk of frozen oil/petroleum seems to form. I'm not sure if it's related to Spaced Out, but I've never heard of this happening in the base game. (There was an abysalite leak at the start which is why the entire biome is 300C.) In the photo, the chill is even spreading out to the rest of my oil pool. Seems like a pretty big exploit, but really annoying when it slows down a petroleum boiler. The tiles just keep slowly melting and then freezing again once another vacuum pocket forms.
  3. I've had the same issue with pneumatic doors. The rover freezes when trying to path through the door. However, cancelling all tasks beyond that door allows the rover to unfreeze and continue tasks in the opposite direction.