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  1. Reloading fixes it for a bit but after a couple of cycles it'll happen again. Didn't realize it was happening which is why I have those pumps on the right to rectify the situation but replacing the tiles fixed the issue from happening.
  2. Hi, I've encountered an issue where letting a liquid rain over the edge of a platform starts to fall through the already made tiles surrounding POI. Video reference: I have a geyser ( cool salt slush geyser ) that I let drip into a collection pool, the pool was built on top of a POI. When you load the save it seems to work fine but then after a bit the water starts to fall through the prebuilt tile. I have replaced the tile with a insulated tile and it seems to have stopped it from happening. Save attached, look in the bottom left of the base. Darkest Citadel Cycle 76.sav Darkest Citadel Cycle 76.sav