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  1. Mobs are still spawning after being set to none. So far, Ive noticed this happening with splumonkeys, dangling depth dwellers, and cookie cutters.
  2. I recently set both splumonkeys and dangling depth dwellers to none on a preexisting world but both are still spawning. At first i thought the splumonkeys that were still present were just from before i set the splumonkeys to none but then when i stepped on webbing dangling depth dwellers still appeared so i knew something was up.
  3. Following this to see if any solution comes up! The same thing happened to me i repaired the knight statue a meteor hit it and the suspicious marble disappeared and the statue reset. I ended up having to start a new world.
  4. I was beginning to gather the suspicious marbles around the map to prepare for the shadow pieces. After I put the clockwork knight statue head on the statue when I next came back the clockwork knight head was no longer there and the statue is reset to how it was before ever mining it to reveal it was a clockwork knights body. Am I now no longer able to get all three of the chess sculptures now aka never being able to fight the shadow pieces? I’d like to also add I had to rollback a few times in the days after placing the statue but I never rolled back to before I finished the clockwork knight statue so it’s no longer on the map where I got it from it’s just completely missing.
  5. Hello, after logging in and opening up my eaten moth chest I was unable to find any of the ugly sweater body skins in my wardrobe for any character. I have checked to make sure I didn’t have any filters on but still showed no ugly sweater skins. my klei id is: KU_VDfDKBp8