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  1. Setup a "loop" with the reflectors and now the radbolt generator has 25000 radbolts and continuously shoots. I feel like that was not what the game intended and wasn't my intention either.
  2. I am having the same problem. The Rocket is listed as if it is on a different planet on the right hand pane than what it is on so not sure if that plays into the issue. Crew allowed Marked as All. Triage cot is not allowed for the person in the rocket.
  3. Second a bug with landing rockets in too small places - happens to me too. If I don't specify the platform the rocket will land on, then it will stay in orbit but if you specify the port to land on and it does not have enough clearance than the game will crash.
  4. Was trying to decide which one of the pilots to send to space but couldn't find the Rocket Pilot attribute number in the list. Attribute listed are Construction through Husbandry but not Rocket Pilot. The list under Skills also does not contain Rocket Piloting.
  5. Created a vertical manual airlock and the rovers try to go down there without luck until they run out of batteries. Since there are stairs above and below the airlock, they think they can go there but obviously can't. Second the suggestion of either auto destruct or recharge station for these bots. Now I have a nice "rover graveyard" above this door.
  6. I have a door that the dupes have not been able to open. They have been right next to, set priority to 9 to submit bioscan but no dupe is picking the task. Click on Errands and they say it is unreachable but it is clearly reachable because I have sent them on errands right next to the door. They are going the "long way" now to get to the other side I sent the dupes to "disable building" and they were happy to do that but not submit bioscan.