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  1. Have you tried referencing from Woodie's hands? He has gloves, and isn't in a .dyn file.
  2. I tried making my own hat, but this is what happened: I have no clue what I'm doing wrong... I tried to copy this hat example, but it didn't work. Edit: I was naming files incorrectly. Oops...
  3. That did it, thank you! I guess when I wrote this code I didn't take an in depth enough look at Wurt's prefab. For future readers, if there are any: The first line enables the character to read books like Wickerbottom, putting both together enables reading like Wurt.
  4. So, I'm trying to make a character who can read books for sanity. Ideally, this would be sanity over time, rather than instant. The problem I'm having is that the code, even when copied directly from Wurt, doesn't seem to work? Here's my code: Compared to Wurt's: And I also added this code, but it didn't fix the issue: Wurt's copy of the code: Does anyone know how to fix this issue?