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  1. When clicking a food in consumables menu, permissions to eat are toggled one column to the right (e.g. clicking raw meat sets colonywide permissions for Swamp Charred Heart, clicking allergy medication (rightmost) toggles the "all food permissions colonywide" choice, nutrient bars (leftmost) can't be toggled at all. Clicking the "Toggle all food permissions colonywide" does not loop around to the leftmost action, however. Added most recent manual save + two autosaves I checked (cycle 18); I went back and noticed that this behaviour does NOT appear back when there were only 10 consumables available (cycle 18) or 12 consumables (cycle 23), but it does in the newest where there are 13 available consumables. My uneducated guess is that the need for horizontal scrolling might be involved? Either that or the UI is punishing me for retorting to Mush Bars. Totally Spaaaced Dude.sav Totally Spaaaced Dude Cycle 18.sav Totally Spaaaced Dude Cycle 23.sav