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  1. Theres no option on any receptacle to differentiate by seed mutation. I have been breeding seed mutations looking for some of a specific one I want to try something with. I am also using the excess of the original seed to feed pacu, or so I thought. The feeder doesnt differentiate seeds, neither do shipping loaders, or anything other than farm plots. not only did my dupes start putting mutated seeds in my fish feeder, but when my seed analyzer was in use they also put unidentified seeds in the fish feeder which means they will not be taken back out when the analyzer becomes available. We need to be able to control this.
  2. Have a save file with a reliable crash on unpause, its slightly bigger than 4.88mb so I cant sent it now, but will another way is requested. Noticed bugs: 1) for a bit I have had right side red notifications saying there are rockets in orbit waiting to land. All rockets had been grounded for many cycles. 2) on load, the rocket "Daring Prototype XV" (I was getting to the naming) on my main planet has no selection under crew, not all or crew only which I thought was weird. Additionally, this was something I had set and the setting was not saved. even after changing this setting, saving and reloading, the setting reverts to completely unset. ERROR: Assert failed: A rocket is trying to travel to an asteroid but has selected a landing pad at a different asteroid! I've triple checked and the rocket pad (custom named) is on the planet that it says it is on. I have also tried re-renaming it to and the name does change in the list of available platforms in the launch params on the rocket on the main planet, but the crash still happens.